L.R.Knost, one of my favorite peaceful parenting advocates and the author of 3 books called ‘The Gentle Parent’, ‘Whispers Through Time’, and ‘Two Thousand Kisses a Day‘, is working on an upcoming book called ‘InHumanity: Letters from the Trenches’. She shared this beautiful meme with a quote from her upcoming book on her Facebook page today.

If you’re not already following her Facebook page, you should check it out. Every day, she plants little seeds of peaceful parenting and compassion through the memes she shares and the content she writes about.

L.R.Knost is also a mom of six and is currently battling a rare neuroendocrine cancer, so now’s the perfect time to purchase one of her books, if you haven’t already. I’m sure every book order helps her and her family as they move through this difficult time in their lives.

If L.R.Knost’s peaceful parenting work has touched your life and you’d like to return the favor for her, you can also donate to her YouCare Compassionate Crowdfunding campaign.

Thank you, L.R.Knost for speaking up for the next generation, and teaching parents the art of gentle parenting.